Can’t get out?  Don’t have any magnetic beads or vaccaria seeds at home?

We searched our house for some DYI options.

From left to right:

  Brown mustard seed on a bit of bandaid.

            Yellow mustard seed on masking tape.

                           Craft bead on moleskin.

Let us know what you have found!

These ARE CHAOTIC times.

Self application of beads and seeds on the Shen men point will not stop the COVID 19 virus from spreading elsewhere but it may help you cope with your own situation.

Look here in the next few days for new content regarding beads and seeds at home.


Stay well.

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ANYONE can use beads and seeds

Beads and seeds are equal opportunity!  They work with everyone, regardless of demographic.

Some people wonder if you “have to believe in them” for them to work.Beads and seeds are not a belief system.

They are a gentle way to encourage the body to slow down and the mind to relax.

Share your stories!

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Testing time!  Exam time!  Final tournaments!  As the pressure and stakes, real or imagined, rises so does the need for BEADS and SEEDS!

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