ANYONE can use beads and seeds

Beads and seeds are equal opportunity!  They work with everyone, regardless of demographic.

Some people wonder if you “have to believe in them” for them to work.Beads and seeds are not a belief system.

They are a gentle way to encourage the body to slow down and the mind to relax.

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Testing time!  Exam time!  Final tournaments!  As the pressure and stakes, real or imagined, rises so does the need for BEADS and SEEDS!

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The Path to Spirit

From Michael Smith, MD, DAc, Nature of Qi, 2nd edition, page 9

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The name of “shen men” is usually translated as spirit for “shen” and gate for “men.”

The Chinese character “men” is not a gate in the Western sense of the word.  Rather is is a ceremonial designation indicating the appropriate pathe to approach the spitit.  Qi lies within.

It is a “higher” power that is found inside out ancient biological development.  Qi is characteristic of simple organisms as well as ourselves.  It provides new vitality by linking us with the oldest levels of existence.  Qi is a process of natural connection, a rich vegetative realm where faith in continued esistence is easy to maintain.  Qi is a nest for the soul.”

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Some words from Jean Guyette, NADA member, Maine

Jean Guyette lives in Maine and offers the magnetic beads in several venues including several  recovery centers, local adult education classes and a community college.  She carries beads with her where ever she goes.  In her words “(They) are not just a tool for recovery, they are a tool for life.  A tool for people of all ages. …Always have them in your pocket – they go anywhere.”  reprinted from Guidepoints: News from NADA Fall/Winter 2018helio-magnetic-ear-pellets

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I decided to start this website to educate the public about using magnetic beads and vacarria seeds on the ear to shift moods and promote relaxation.  This very simple technique can be so useful in so many circumstances – if only people knew about it.